Maternity Leave Coming to an End

I’ve been on maternity leave since mid-April.  It’s been amazing.  Way better than the first time around in the winter of ’08-’09.  I struggled with post-partum depression back then. Thankfully this time around, my mood has been great.  I think it also helped that I had my husband home with me (he’s the stay-at-home parent) and it was summer.  My infant son has been a dream. The best baby I could ever have hoped for.  My daughter was a good baby too, don’t get me wrong – I was the one who struggled.  But that’s for another post.  Mat leave is ending.  My vacation is about to begin.  You read that right – begin, not end.

See, for me, staying home is a hell of a lot harder than going to work everyday.  I feel myself getting dumber the more I stay home.  I’m doing as much reading as I can, but with the sleep deprivation I find that my attention span is worse than my 3 year old’s!  And speaking of the 3 year old – she decided today not to nap, so I have to bid adieu for now.

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