First week is almost in the bag.  I am exhausted.  One more day, then a long weekend. Thank goodness!

The back-to-work transition has gone relatively smoothly.  I’ll admit I feel a bit rusty and a little scattered, but I think that’s to be expected and probably won’t last very long.  Not only am I trying to catch up with what’s been happening with my patients over the last 6 months, but I am now using the EMR and probably trying to do too much, too fast.  Not only am I charting every patient on the EMR, I am also trying to input their CPPs as well.  [CPP = cumulative patient profile; ie. medical history, social history, allergies, current meds, etc]  Inevitably, I am at least 15-30 min behind on the schedule and I hate it.  The patient’s don’t seem to mind, but I do. I like to run a tight ship.  I feel like such a slowpoke.  But I’m sure it’ll get better.

My family seems to have adjusted pretty quickly as well.  My almost-3 year old doesn’t even seem to notice me gone. The other day I got home at 6pm and she asked me if I got my nails done. Wha?!?  “No, sweety.  Mommy was at work”.   My son, the 6 month old, just smiles happily when he sees me.  It’s been really hard not seeing him all day.  I miss him a lot.  He’s in good hands with his daddy and my mom has been helping out a lot, but it’s been hard leaving him.

I’m pooped.

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