4 weeks in, and the wHine begins!

Last week I had all these great ideas for posts, but I was so busy that I forgot them.  Oh, right, that reminds me of at least one of them.

Why am I getting home so late?  Before I went on mat leave, I would usually get home by 5;30pm, having seen the last patient around 5pm.  Sure, there were some days when I’d be home a bit later, but most of the time I was home in time to see my daughter have dinner, give her a bath, and put her to bed.

Now?  I’m lucky if I get to see my son for 10 minutes before he goes to bed.  I’m lucky if I get out of the office by 6pm! WTF? I thought going to EMR was supposed to make my job easier?

Okay, so I’m whining a bit.  I realize that.  Most of the reason why I am so swamped at work is because I’m trying to do too much.  All of my patients are asking about the kids; I spend the first 2-5 minutes of each visit catching up with my patients, not just on their medical history over the last 6 months, but on their life in general.  Then, after their visit is done, I spend a few extra minutes writing (i.e. typing) my notes, updating the patient’s EMR file (putting in their CPP info, etc), going through the labs – you know, doctoring stuff.  It’s that type-A personality coming through.  I want all of my charts on the EMR yesterday, not tomorrow. The sooner that happens, I think, the sooner I’ll get back on track and work more efficiently (read: faster, on time, and home by 5:30pm). And the sooner I get my $2K bonus from Ontario MD!

And now I must bid you adieu for now.  The 6 month old is trying to escape his baby jail.  Have I mentioned he is now sitting independently, crawling, and trying to pull himself up to stand?  Oh my goodness – I have a superstar here!



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