FMF – Day 3

It’s Saturday morning in Montreal.  I decided I needed to sleep in, so I skipped a few morning sessions.  Yesterday was jammed pack full of learning.  Here are a few clinical pearls.

1) Skin-to-skin in first 6 hours of life is good. (well, duh!) — actually, I totally get it.  When my son was born, the nurses told me that even though I was having surgery, that they would put him on my chest as soon after birth as possible.  It was news to me as 2.5 years earlier, in the same hospital and the same case-room, my daughter was wrapped up and given to my husband to hold.  I have to say that the bonding I had with my son during the time he was on my skin in the case-room was the best hour of my life.  I will remember to tell my expectant mothers to ask for skin-t0-skin when they deliver their children.

2) Soap is bad for your skin – skins’ pH is 5.5, soap is pH 9. Soap breaks down the barrier and lets in nasty stuff. — I am not sure I’m comfortable advising my patients to stop using soap.  I’ll be responsible for countless stinky people roaming the big city.  So what’s the alternative?  Well, I also learned that  Aveeno body wash is pH 6. That’s great, right?  It is gentle on the skin and protects the barrier.  What’s the down side?  It’s $10 for a small bottle!

3) I am ordering too many ferritins. Must stop. Bad, doctor.   Costing our health care system untold $$$.  Initial work up for anemia is a CBC.  Plain and simple. If Hb and MCV are normal, it means ferritin and B12 are as well.  Right. No more ferritins.  (We’ll see how long that lasts!)

4) Conferences are exhausting.

Home tomorrow!  Thank goodness for the clocks changing tonight. I’m going to need that extra hour of sleep before I go home to my two children.  Oy.

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