Guess who hijacked my dinner?

The other night, I bought a  wonderfully cheap bottle of wine to try before my monthly wine club night.  Ogio Primitive Puglio IGT, 2010.   For $8.90, it is a fantastic bottle of wine.  So fantastic, in fact, that I plan on picking up several more to keep on hand as my “house wine”.

My husband and I have been trying to eat healthy during the week with salads and light dinners but last night I really wanted a steak, so I stopped by the local butcher and picked up a great rib eye.  I was really looking forward to having a glass of that Primitivo with dinner.   I put son to bed quite easily, but daughter had had a nap so she wasn’t quite ready for bed until 7:30pm.  We read some books, brushed her teeth, and I tucked her in.  Husband went up to tell her a final bedtime story while I prepared some vegetables and mashed the potatoes.  About 8:10pm, husband comes back to the kitchen and starts cooking the steak.  I prepared the table in the basement, got our wine glasses ready, turned on Netflix and was starting to browse when I heard the distinct sound of daughter getting out of bed and stomping down the stairs.

I ran up from the basement in time to see her coming down the hallway into the kitchen, exclaiming, “What is Daddy cooking? It smells so yummy!”.  We told her it was a steak for mommy, then she proceeds to get a chair from the dining room, brings it into the kitchen to get a better look at the steak.  “I want some too. I’m hungry!”.

Really?  It’s no wonder, she didn’t want her dinner when it was offered to her two hours earlier.

So, rather than eat our steak dinner quietly in the basement, I set the dining room table and daughter joined us.  What ensued was a rather hilarious encounter.  She ate a few pieces of steak, “I don’t like the red part, mommy”.  “Daddy, where does steak come from?”.   “I want more corn.”  It was a wonderful half hour of non stop talking and questions.  Husband took some video while she showed us that she knows how to write numbers, which was a surprise to us.  We watched in awe as she meticulously wrote 1, 2, and 3.  She butchered the number 4, and forgot how to write 5, but then wrote a 7 , 8, 9 and a 10 (albeit, it was backwards).

(From left to right).  You can clearly see the backwards 10, the 9, the 3 and 8; then a proper 10, a 7 (under the 8), and then 1,2,3, n (supposed to be a 4) and 2 (supposed to be a 5).

As much as I love the peace and quiet at nighttime when the kids have gone to bed, it was pure joy to have had my steak dinner hijacked by my wonderful 3.5 year old.  I just hope it doesn’t happen every night!


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