Losing one’s s$*t!

I was in the middle of writing another post when I saw this on my FB news feed.  HOLD.THE.PHONE!  This is a brilliant writing prompt.

I am grateful to have a husband who wants to stay home with our kids.  I would probably have a nervous breakdown if I had to do the day in and day out stay-at-home-mom thing.  I’m itching for the work week to start by the end of some weekends.  I applaud all the women out there, and I know a few, who stay home with their kids and love it.  I have to wonder if they ever lose their shit on their kids, and if they do, how do they keep going?!

I was thinking today about the few times (okay, there’s been more than just a few) I’ve lost my shit on my 3.5 year old toddler.  There was that time that she asked for milk, then freaked out when I gave it to her.  “No! Mommy, I want juice!”  “But you asked for milk.”  “I want juice!!!”  Cue her falling to the floor, full-on freak out.  So, I get her the juice (watered down, of course).  “Here you go, here’s your juice.”  Even more screaming and crying ensues.  “What’s the matter now?”  “I wanted MILK!”

WTF?!  Am I going crazy?! I would raise my voice, yelling above the screaming, asking her what she wanted to drink.  She would be so inconsolable that I would try to lift her up off the floor only to be presented with a completely limp child with no skeletal structure.  So, I’d drop her (gently) back on the floor and the screaming would continue.  I then tried to reason with her, but that also proved to be futile. Finally,  I’d let her have her freak out while I calmly walked away and poured myself a beer. It takes the pain away.   The first few times it backfired and the tantrum would escalate, but finally, she clued in, calmed down and approached me all quiet and sullen.  “Do you want milk or juice?” I would ask.  She’s look up at me with puppy dog eyes, “Milk”.  “So why did you say you wanted juice?”  She shrugs her shoulders.  She has no clue.  Right.  In her eyes, I’m her slave.  She asks for something, I get it.  So she tests to see if I’ll get her something else.  Who is training who here?

Is there any parent out there who doesn’t lose their shit with their kid?  Cuz, if there is, you better start commenting and telling me your secrets!

7 thoughts on “Losing one’s s$*t!

  1. I give K time outs. Clearly since he is only 18 months old he has no idea what is happening, but they are really for me. I need him to be enclosed somewhere so that I can count to 30 and calm down. Or cry after a solid headbutting.

    • Daughter gets time outs – usually she is sent to the stairs, but I’m not convinced they are working cuz the behaviour persists! Sigh .. I think it’s just a phase we have to go through and I will survive by drinking lots of wine. 😉

  2. This is so funny- I’ve been poring over issues of Parents magazine looking for good articles on exactly this topic. Like How To Discipline Your Child Without Losing Your Temper kind of things. They do have great articles, with helpful tips like suggestions for effective time-outs (for both child and mom). Still, when our 2 y/o Babyboy nonchalantly hurls his Thomas the Train at the unprotected scalp of our 6 month old Babygirl, it’s hard not to yell and/or spank. (Yes, spank. Despite the AAPs recommendations, I was raised with, and believe in, a timely spank on the bottom as an immediate negative response to VERY bad behavior.)

    • No judgement here. I got spanked a few times by my dad growing up. I don’t even remember why but I do remember it hurt and I didn’t want it to happen again so I towed the line.

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