I never really understood why people run.  To me, running is hard.  I’d much rather get on a stepper at a gym than run outside.  I see a lot of patients in my office with various injuries from running.  Though, I suppose being able to run is important in the event of a zombie apocalypse, right?  Heaven knows, I can barely keep up with my toddler as she runs full tilt across the playground.  It’s embarrassing, frankly.  Disgraceful, actually.

I used to be in fairly good shape.  Back in residency, I would go to the gym 3-4 times a week.  My favourites were the stepper and the elliptical.  Eventually I got brave and tried the treadmill.  I think I could run up to 15-20 minutes on the treadmill when I was at my peak of fitness then.  Quite an accomplishment!  But then I moved back home, started working full-time and gym time became more and more difficult.  Then I got pregnant, twice.  Now, a year and change later, I am out of shape, huffing and puffing just getting up the stairs carrying my toddler.  Enough is enough.  I was all set to bite the bullet and get back to the gym when my husband suggested I just start running.  This was a few months ago.  So, I thought about it.  Yup, that’s about all I did.  I thought about running.  Didn’t like the sound of it.  Thus, I procrastinated a bit more.

Fast-forward to this month.  It’s vacation.  Daughter is in preschool 3 days a week and husband and I have free time with our son.  I got the dust off my bike and hopped on.  In the last two weeks we have gone out for about 5-6 bike rides.  I can already feel my body craving more.  My girlfriend invited me (again) to join her “boot camp” a few nights ago.  I decided to go.

I loved it.  Loved it.  We ran 3 and 1 (3 minutes running, 1 minute walking) for 23 minutes.  Then we did hills and in between hills we’d do abdominal work or leg work.  I felt great at the end of the 1 hour and change we worked out. My friend showed us some yoga to stretch afterwards too.   Those endorphins are awesome!

The next day?  Every single muscle in my body was screaming at me.  Everything hurt.  At first it was “oh my god, I’ve injured myself” kind of hurt; later it became the “it feels good” kind of hurt.  The day after that? Oh my goodness, it was even worse.  That was today.  Rather than sit on my butt and complain, I decided to contact my girlfriends to see if they wanted to go for a run.  I know, crazy right???

Now, try not laugh.  I ran (with a bit of walking) 3.36 km in 30 minutes.  This is how I looked when we were done.

What’s even more crazy?  I have a date to do it again in 2 days.

9 thoughts on “Running.

  1. Hooray, so glad that you had fun! I was worried you would hate me when the muscle pain started in. So glad you are loving the running! You are going to become an addict and I get some more running partners!

  2. The “morning after” is tough…but it’s the morning AFTER the morning after that really gets you. It’s fun to see progress, though. There is a steep eight-mile conditioning hike I’ve been using to prepare for an upcoming backpack trip. The first time I did it I limped for three days. Now, I’m doing it once a week like it’s no big deal.

    • Thanks for the comment! Since my post, I have done about 5 runs and I totally agree that it’s getting easier. It is also getting very addictive! I still haven’t cracked the 5km yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

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