Vacation ends ….

Yes, it’s that time again.  The time that vacation ends and the real work begins.  I probably shouldn’t complain too much as I am really only going back to work for a week because we have to close the office for a major renovation.  Oops, did I just out myself?  Meh … whatever.

As I write this, I am physically exhausted.  After spending the morning watching the London 2012 Olympic Games (I’m a huge fan, did I mention that?), my husband and I took the kids for a long bike ride – 19.75km, in fact.  Yep, not only am I running (my girlfriend and I cracked the 5km mark last week!), I am also biking almost 20 km!

What on earth has gotten in to me????

I almost don’t recognize myself.  A month ago, I was feeling very lazy, un-fit, flabby and tired.  While I still feel tired, I am feeling more energized than I have in a long time.  Sure, my weight hasn’t changed much, but I do notice a subtle difference in the flab.  The spare tire is deflating.  The flab is toning.  I have to pat myself on the back, I am so proud of myself for getting up off my ass and getting active.

Now that I am going back to work, the real job begins.  Keeping up with my workout schedule.

Once again, wish me luck!

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