I’m back on vacation this week.  I know, tough life, right?  Trust me, I’m not complaining.  I get to watch Olympics all day long, if I like, and I like.

But today’s post is not about vacation, or the Olympics.

It’s about pain.  The pain of exercise.  The good kind of pain.

I am in quite a bit of pain the last few days.  The other night, I decided I needed to start working on my abdominal muscles.  I used to have a little six-pack, many eons ago, before the children.  I always had a small waist and I miss it.  I would love to have it back.  Sure, there is some extra skin now from the two pregnancies, but surely with some work, that skin can get taught again, no?

So, I dusted off some exercise videos the other day and found the one I was looking for.   Bodies In Motion used to be on television many moons ago and I used to work out to Gilad almost every morning.  I was thrilled when I found his DVDs online.  I felt great doing his workout a few days ago, I pushed myself and even did a few of the “advanced” exercises.  The next morning, I felt good.  The day after?  Oh my god – every single abdominal muscle was screaming in pain. I even felt muscles I forgot I had, namely those serratus anterior guys and the lattisimus dorsi.  It’s good pain though, right?  Right.


Later that same night, it was time for a run.  I was aiming for 5k but the route I took had some hills (one downhill and two uphill).  The downhill was great! I took my time, small strides and all, but could feel the shin splints getting tight.  Still, I ploughed through and walked a bit extra in between runs.  The hills were a challenge.  The first hill was really an inclined driveway slope (yes, I made that up) at the entrance of the trail.  I took my time and remembered my friend’s advice to keep my steps small.  I ran this way into the next hill, a long but gradual uphill road.  It was hard. Really hard.  Remember, I only just started running about a month ago.  In fact, I took this same hill with my girlfriend on my 3rd ever run and I had to walk it.  This time?  I made it 2/3 the way up then had to walk the rest.  I wanted to push myself but knew it would be too much.

This morning, I felt like I had been hit by a truck when I woke up.  Every muscle in my legs was on fire. That damn Achilles tendon was aching this morning too.  I certainly pushed the limit last night and yes, I’m in pain, but it’s the kind of pain where you know the efforts are working.  My body remembers what exercise feels like and it wants more.

So, I’m in some pain today but its all for a good cause.

I promise to get back to the mothering and medicine portion of this blog real soon!


4 thoughts on “Pain.

  1. Woo hoo! Great work! Hills can feel so very horrible, but running them certainly produces results. Sorry your Achilles is still bothering you – take care with that! My hill running resulted in reoccurring calf injuries, yuck. I had to take a break for a while, but after some resting and stretching I am feeling great now!

    I would like you to share the particulars of your torturous ab workout, maybe in our next exercise meetup?

    You are doing so great and inspiring me to push myself!

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