The Dog Days of Summer

It’s been a busy few weeks. Wish I could say the office renovation went smoothly, but I’d be lying. Since when does a renovation ever go smoothly? Anyway, after much worry that we wouldn’t reopen the office in time, we were only delayed a day or two, and though it’s not exactly perfect, it will do for now.

It’s been a great summer. I spent some great quality time with my family and started getting back into shape. I spent time with friends and am building strong new foundations for lasting friendships. Good friends of ours adopted a beautiful baby boy. I even went standup paddleboarding with some girlfriends! I couldn’t have asked for a better summer.

I didn’t miss the office once, but it sure is great to be back practising medicine. The office has gotten a great facelift and it is a pleasure walking into the office again. It was so dreary before. I am looking forward to the routine of work again.

Hard to believe but my daughter is starting JK this fall. She has been in preschool for about a year now, so it’s not going to be that huge a transition. Still, she’s entering the public school system! It blows my mind how fast the last 4 years went.

This blog is coming up to its one year blogiversary. Yes, I made that word up. It’s sometime in September, I can’t remember the date exactly. I’ll have to think of something brilliant to post about. Better start now!

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