Spent … in a good way.

I had so many ideas for this next installment but as I sit down to write this morning, I am plagued with sore muscles, a sore throat, stuffy nose and remnants of a urinary tract infection.  I am spent.

The office renovation is almost complete.  I love the new look and my new office space.  I have been so busy that there is little time for anything other than work when I’m at the office.

There has been a lot of pathology coming through my office doors in the last few weeks. I had a particularly difficult encounter with my borderline patient.  I saw an uninsured 80-something year old visitor from another country who suddenly discovered a breast mass that I am almost certain is cancer.  Thank goodness for Google Translate.  Have you ever used it? It’s amazing!

Despite the cold, UTI and sore muscles, I’ve had more energy these past few weeks than I can remember in the last year.  It’s the running.  Exercise is such an important thing, I can’t begin to stress it enough with my patients.  I have finally taken my own advice.  My sleep has been so incredibly deep and restful since I started running.  I am feeling more fit and toned than I have in years.  Even my patients are starting to notice the change in me.  It’s quite flattering, I won’t lie.

What’s even better is the acknowledgement and encouragement from my running partners and others following this journey.  I’ve been asked so many times what my ultimate goal is – time or distance?  I don’t really have an answer. I started running to stay healthy, to improve my cardiovascular endurance, to build some muscle and get toned.  But its evolved into something more, something I didn’t expect. After a long day at the office, dealing with other people’s problems; after coming home and putting my kids to bed, often the only thing left on my mind is to run.  Being alone with my thoughts and listening to the sound of my feet hitting the pavement has become my new drug.

So yeah, today I’m spent, but in a good way.

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