Of lice and spiders …

I feel like a broken record.  It’s been busy.  Usually the end of the summer is slow and the first week of school is busy.  I’m not sure if it was the allergies, or the threat of West Nile virus, but the end of August was totally insane, as were  the past few weeks.  There’s been some pathology coming into the office, it always comes in waves, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet.

Daughter started JK and as expected had no issues with the transition. Getting her to talk about it is seriously like pulling teeth.  She’s tired at the end of the day, granted, and gives monosyllabic answers. I expect this from a teenager, not an almost-4 year old who otherwise doesn’t have an off switch.

I haven’t needed an alarm clock since having the kids, but I set one on my phone so we wouldn’t be late.  Inevitably, daughter is still snoring when my alarm goes off and grumbles and complains that she’s not ready to get out of bed for school yet.  And so it begins, right? I would have expected her to be sleeping in on the weekends, but she’s up even earlier!  WTF?  Can I not catch a break?!

The school had a “lice check” yesterday.  Just before she fell asleep, I asked her about it.  Suddenly she’s full of words! She said a nice nurse checked her hair for bugs.  “Bugs? Really, the nurse said the word ‘bugs’?” “Yes, I didn’t have any,” she replied proudly.  I vividly remember the time my mother scrubbed and pulled and scrubbed my hair when I got the dreaded lice.

I think it’s a rite of passage in childhood, much like chicken pox used to be.  Every kid gets lice.  I remember my mother threatening to shave my hair off when I came home with them.  My mother was a hairdresser, so I knew she could go through with the shaving of the head if she didn’t get on top of the lice.

I told her about the school checking  daughter for lice. She said  we could use a little gasoline-drenched lice comb to kill them if (or when) she gets them.

Come again?


Seriously? Gasoline for head lice? What on earth is she talking about?!  So,  I looked it up.  Yup, not a good idea.  Great info here.  I’m just gonna forget my mother suggested that, and make sure she never treats daughter.

Is anyone else’s scalp suddenly itchy??  Yeah, I thought so.  Let me change the subject.

Does anyone remember the Scholastic Book Club?  I totally forgot about it until this past week.  Husband called me at work and told me that in daughter’s “weekly take-home folder” was a brochure for Scholastic.  Yippee!!!  Suddenly, a whole host of memories came flooding back to me.  Sitting at the dinner table with my parents, picking out one or two books a month.  Anxiously awaiting the day a few weeks later when my package could arrive at school.

Ah, books.  I loved them growing up.  I still do.  I was so thrilled to see daughter circling the books she wanted.  She circled almost all of them, and mostly because the covers had pretty colours, or a princess.  But I was mostly proud of her circling this particular book:







I think I’m going to like this school thing.

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