No-Show Thursday

So, I’ve had a total of 6 patients no-show for appointments today.  2 of them were booked as new patient “meet and greets”.

Oh wait … is that patient for me?

Nope, they’re here to see the other doctor.

Back to surfing I go…

No, seriously, WTF?  It’s not raining, snowing, or hailing. Why can’t people honor their appointments?

And I can I just add how incredibly frustrating it is when new patients book appointments and then no-show?  Way to instill confidence that you’re a reliable patient.  You can bet those folks will not be rebooked.

Thus, I have spent the afternoon drinking copious amounts of tea to stay awake, nibbling away on trail mix, reviewing lab reports and calling patients, twittering and surfing the net.  Nice afternoon, huh?

Afternoons like this draaaaaaag.  I’d much rather be 30 minutes behind and busy than sitting on my ass in my office.  I did manage to get an extra few minutes at lunch to go out to a few local merchants and found me some fabulous fall running gear, so that made me happy.

And now.. it’s 5pm and I’m officially done for the day.  Home awaits.



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