Bread and Butter.

I’m not talking about food, though is there anything better than warm bread slathered in salted butter?


What I am actually referring to is the “bread and butter” of family medicine.  The day-to-day stuff that brings home the bacon.  Hmm…. bacon.  (Never mind me, I’m just hungry).

Colds, flu, back pain, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, work stress, anxiety, depression and well baby visits.


This is the bread and butter of family medicine.

Did I mention anxiety?

I’m not even half-way through my work day and I’ve already seen 3 patients with anxiety.  (You may wonder how I have time to blog?  Lunch baby.  Lunch!)  I do NOT work through my lunch.  I eat. I blog. I digress.

The bread and butter often comes in lumps — some days there is nothing but back pain, other days everyone’s got a sinus infection.  It’s very strange.  After 7+ years in practice, I still haven’t figured out why that is.  Perhaps I never will.  It’s one of the mysteries of life.

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