The Dreaded Block …

Hmm .. it’s pretty obvious I have hit writers block.  I am not posting nearly as much as I’d like and I have been trying to figure out why.

Life is busy, this is a given.  The practice has it’s up and downs – some weeks are incredibly busy, other weeks are, well, dead.  A handful of patients on a day when I can see up to 25 easily.  Today seems to be that kind of day, so the reason I am trying to write.  There hasn’t been a lot of “interesting” cases lately, so that may also explain the lack of writing.  Certainly in my personal life there is lots going on, what with this new life growing inside of me, but who wants to read post after post about the ups and downs of pregnancy?

I also noticed lately that my reading of books has drastically taken a nosedive.  I blame the iPhone.  Seriously – why must I browse Pinterest before bed?  Why do I have to see what’s on my Twitter feed before bed?  I should be reading a book dammit!!!!!  And I mean a real book, with pages and stuff.  Not some e-book, which, by the way, I will never, ever purchase.  Having the iPhone is addictive enough.  I do a fair bit of web surfin’, a few message boards in particular but even that is getting tedious and oh, so boring.


So, once again, no real point to this post – perhaps my readers can enlighten me on any fabulous new reads out there?  I am desperate to read a good book.  Any genre will do.  Help me, please!

4 thoughts on “The Dreaded Block …

  1. I dunno, something about staring at a screen to read a novel seems wrong to me. I mean, I stare at a screen all day at the office (electronic medical record), and then on my iPhone. I just like the feel of a good ol’ fashioned book in my hand and dread the day when I can’t get my hands on one.

    • You crazy :). It doesn’t feel all that screen-y to me anyway as it’s not backlit (it’s a Kindle) and I can say with confidence that it doesn’t affect my reading experience at all, and I read a ton. And any small niggly annoyances about it are totally outweighed by the CONVENIENCE! But also, I do still read regular books; I have a running list of stuff I’ve requested from the Library and I make Josh do my pick ups and drop offs. Every time I come across a good review I add it to my list!

      • Ah, yes, the Library!! I forgot those still existed! 😉 I should get back to one rather than spend money at the book store. Good call!

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