The Home Stretch.

My apologies to my followers for my lack of blogging this past month.  Between vacation, cottaging and getting back to work, it has been very busy.

My practice was well-covered during my two weeks of vacation but it feels like everyone waited for me to come back. The last two weeks have been solidly booked!!!  Most patients have admitted that they wanted to get fit in before I left on maternity leave.  (It’s not for another month, folks!  Calm down!!)  But I understand their concerns.  They don’t know that the doctor who is going to cover for me is an excellent physician.  The few folks who have met her have already told me how much they liked her.  I know they will be in good hands.  Still, I am trying to accommodate everyone before I leave, hence why it’s been so busy.

Yet, this week, strangely enough, is quite dead at the office. So strange.  I’m not complaining!  I have a lot to prepare for before my leave starts next month.  My office needs a major clean-out and  I have to prepare of list of patients for my locum to watch out for.   There are a few folks I’m worried about, medically speaking, and a few patients whom I fear may give my locum a hard time.  In previous leaves, everyone has been well-behaved, so I’m sure I’m fretting for nothing.

I haven’t quite reached the point where I’m “done” yet.  I think I still have a few more weeks left in me, but there comes a time when I just don’t want to be at work anymore.  Mentally, I get to a point where I am just spent.

The last few weeks of pregnancy are bittersweet, and I suspect it will be more so for me this time around.  This will be my last pregnancy.  I am determined to enjoy every last-minute.  It’s hard though.  I feel huge, I’m uncomfortable all.the.time, and my thighs are rubbing together.  I am so eager to start running again that I’ve already started asking my Obstetrician what the earliest is that I could do it.  As I am having a Caesarean section, I don’t expect to be able to run for at least 12 weeks, which frankly, is going to be really, really hard.  I remember how much better I felt when I was running and with the postpartum hormone crash, the weather getting colder, the days shorter, not to mention the inconsistent sleep, I am going to need to do something.  Running became my go-to girl for keeping myself sane.

So, the countdown begins.


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