Today is my 39th birthday.  As my mother would say, I am closing the 39th year and starting the 40th.  Hmph.  Not sure how much I like that. But it makes sense.  By the time we turn “1”, we have lived that one year, so really, I have already lived 39 years and am about to start my 40th.


So, as I am starting my 40th year on this earth, I woke up feeling quite reflective.  In fact, I think I’ve been like this all week.  I had a heck of a time deciding what to do for my birthday.  36 weeks pregnant, tired, uncomfortable.. time to party, right?!


For the past several years, I’d started a tradition of pampering myself at the spa.  I would go with a girlfriend and we’d spend the day lounging in our robes, getting massages, pedicures and water therapies.  I was all set to do it again this year but just … didn’t.  Perhaps it’s because of how far along I am – a massage just isn’t the same if I can’t lie on my stomach, you know?  Walking around in a bath robe that barely fits across my belly wasn’t appealing either.

Then, I suggested hubby and I have a night away at a hotel but looking into booking a popular destination spot an hour away from the city, on short notice, was wishful thinking.

So, in the end, I’m spending the day with my family and friends.  I had a wonderful chance to sleep in, had my coffee in bed and a pancake breakfast.  The kids sang “happy birthday” to me all morning – it was truly wonderful.

Looking back on the last decade – wow, there have been so many changes.  I started my family practice; I bought my first home; I got married; I travelled; I gave birth to two amazing human beings; I’ve supported my family through illness; I’ve overcome illness myself; I’ve tried to support friends through difficult times, have judged when maybe I shouldn’t and I hope I’ve learned from it; I took up running for my physical and mental well-being; and I have surrounded myself with an incredible network of supportive friends whom I cherish.

So yes, it’s been an amazing decade, these 30s.  I can only hope the next decade is even better.

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