Are you ever ready?

This is the last Sunday that I will have two children. Tomorrow is my booked c-section and the birth of my 3rd, and final, child.

Where did the last 9 months go?  It literally feels like yesterday that I discovered I was pregnant.  I thought I had all the time in the world to prepare for this surprise blessing.  Suddenly, it’s tomorrow.

I am excited to meet this new little person who has been growing inside me all these months.  I wonder what he/she will look like – will my Mediterranean European genes finally overtake my husband’s Scottish/Finnish heritage?  Or will I have another blond hair/blue-green eyed child?  In any event,  I think this child will be the strongest willed of them all.  If the kicks and punches I’ve been getting the last week or so are any indication,  this one is going to be feisty!

Speaking of feisty, last night I was watching Star Trek: Into Darkness, and the little one was having a ball inside my uterus.  I took a video and husband joked that it looked like that scene in Alien when Ripley dreams she’s got one inside her stomach.  You know the scene, right? Chest burst.

And just for fun – here’s a clip of what it looked like for real, last night.  (I apologize in advance if this grosses anyone out! You’ve been warned!)

Cheers, everyone.  The next time I write, I will be the Urban Doctor Mom of Three!


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