You Think Rob Ford Has Problems?

Day 18. National Blog Posting Month.

So, like every household with kids we have an extraordinary number of stuffed animals.  Sure, a lot of them were mine from childhood (and adulthood – what, you don’t have stuffed animals you won at amusement parks??), but most of them belong to the kids.  Every so often, husband and I go through them and decide who should stay and who should be donated to GoodWill.

We have one stuffed animal who always survives the purge — Grover.  He was given to my daughter on her 1st (or 2nd?) birthday by her uncle, my brother. Wherever we find him, it always looks like Grover has somehow fallen victim to some weird tragedy.

Note:  None of these photographs were staged.

Like that time he was crushed by the baby stroller …

Or that time he drank one too many shots of tequila ….

Or that time he apparently choked on a Scrabble piece …

Or that time … well, we’re not sure, but it involved a water siphon, and a My Little Pony…

Then there’s that time we’re pretty sure he smoked some crack …

I think I need to set up a Nanny cam.

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