Day 23. National Blog Posting Month.

Poop.  Oh yeah, I’m going there.

The baby is exclusively breast fed.  He’s gaining weight pretty well (we just had his 2 month well-baby visit and is just shy of 11 lbs), he’s smiling now and watching everything that is going on around him.

The only thing he is not doing regularly …  you guessed it, pooping.

I think the last time he had a good poop was over a week ago.  It might even be 10 days, I’m not sure. In my sleep-deprived state, I’m not even sure what day it is!

You should have seen the horrified look on my mother’s face when I told her.

“Let’s give him an enema,” she said, seriously.

“Um, yeah, mom, no.”

Never have I been so obsessed with bowel movements than when I started having kids.  It starts with that first bowel movement after birth – meconium.  It reveals so much about the infant’s gastrointestinal system.  When it happens, it’s like everyone breathes a sigh of relief.  If it doesn’t – alarm bells sound.

If the infant is breastfed, then over the next 5-7 days the poop changes colour from the tarry black of meconium to the lovely shades of green to yellow.  An exclusively breastfed baby will have liquidy, yellow seedy poop.  (Feel free to Google for an image.)  Most breastfed infants, in the first month of life, will have a bowel movement several times a day.  By two months of age, babies may not poop for a week, sometimes up to 10 days, and this is still considered quite normal, so long as he is nursing well and gaining weight. [http://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/the-scoop-on-baby-poop]

So, nothing to worry about, right?


Ugh. I really just want him to have one of these:

The pooplosion.

Is that too much to ask?

6 thoughts on “Poop.

  1. Yes this can be so frustrating 😦 Blackberry #2 had the same problem, and also he was taking iron for months for his anemia, so that probably made things even worse, but thing got better after he started eating puree 🙂

  2. In her 2nd week my Bub didnt poop for 8 days, Doc said its totally normal. Breast milk is such an efficient fuel that they simply have less waste to expel from their bodies. If there are 5+ wet nappies a day then everything is good. You WILL breathe a huge sigh of relief when the poop finally comes though. Mine decided the perfect time was while I was on the phone with the Doc freaking out that something was wrong. I was so happy!

  3. Simon pooped every 7-10 days. And there was no diaper that could contain him. Usually he would give a bit of an “indicator” that something was coming so I would switch him into disposables in hopes that it would hold it all in. No dice.
    I was never so happy to switch to solid foods.

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