A Walk In the Woods

On this first day of December we took the kids out for a walk in the woods. What I love most about living in this city is that there are woods about a 5-10 minute walk away from my house.

We were a lazy family yesterday. I don’t think any one of us changed out of our pajamas! So, this morning after a lovely homemade pancake breakfast we bundled everyone up, the baby in the Bjorn carrier and off we went.

It was a perfect morning for a walk. Not too cold with a little drizzle of rain. I could sense the kids were not going to start complaining of their legs hurting from the moment we stepped outside because they were so excited to be walking to the trail. The toddler practically skipped along the sidewalk. We promised him we’d try to see the ducks in the creek. We even brought snacks along the way, not only for the kids but for the ducks as well.



Along the trail are power lines, or as the kids call them, “robots”. You can walk underneath them and husband took this neat photo from underneath the structure.


I turned on my MapMyRun app and tracked our walk. We walked 2.71 km and in and of itself that’s not a long distance but considering we had the kids with us and they walked with us, it was good exercise for them. The eldest walked the entire way while the toddler had some help from dad.

We had a lovely morning in the woods. I can’t wait to do it again.

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