The Power of Power.

I write this in the comfort of a warm house.  Thousands of my fellow citizens are in the dark tonight and they are cold.

The Ice Storm of 2013 had hit, and hit us hard.

We lost power around 10pm last night. We lit candles to stay warm, bundled the kids in layers and hoped our power would come back, but 15 hours into the blackout it was pretty clear it wouldn’t be happening any time soon.  So, we packed up the kids, left the cats with lots of food and water, and high-tailed it out of the city to the suburbs to stay with the grandparents.

The city is a mess.  It could be days before power is restored.  Christmas is going to be a clusterfuck. Pardon my French.  We were supposed to host our families at our house.  If we don’t get power back by Tuesday, Christmas will be cancelled!

I jest. It won’t be cancelled.  We will celebrate at the grandparents house. The kids won’t know the difference.  In fact, they are having the time of their lives right now.  Spending a few days with Nana and Papa?  Score!  (They get whatever they want here!)

It is astounding to me how we much I take for granted the power of electricity.  As I was bundled up on the couch with the kids trying to stay warm, I thought about just getting the heaters and plugging them in to generate some heat.



Sometimes I can be really dumb.  And every room I went into, I went to turn on the light.The kids must have asked us a hundred times if they could watch TV.  We explained over and over again that the power stopped working because of the storm.  I’m not sure they completely understood what was going on but I have to say, daughter was in awe of all the icicles around the house.icestorm

At one point we had about 15 candles/tea lights on our dining room table.  The kids were enamored with them and the 2.5 year old constantly tried to blow them out.


To any of my readers affected by this storm – stay warm and stay safe.

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