So That’s Why It’s Called A Stroller!

Day 10 – January Daily Blog Posting Month.

I spent the day strolling through the mall with a girlfriend and her baby daughter.  Her child was born 10 days after baby J.  We opened the mall at 10am and did several laps over the course of the next 4 hours.  Some shopping was done, I won’t like, but all for the kids.  My friend said that it was the “stroller” mall and boy, she wasn’t kidding.  Every second person seemed to be a mom with a stroller. It was kind of funny, to be honest.

Before having kids, I don’t think I ever noticed a mom with a stroller.  Seriously. Wasn’t even on my radar. Yet now, it’s pretty much all I see.  There are so many different kinds of strollers nowadays.  In our mother’s day, I’d be surprised if there was more than one choice.  Now?  There are such lovely models as the Bugaboo Frog, the Quinny Buzz, the Baby Trend Expedition, the Graco Trekko, the Mountain Buggy Mini, the Peg Perego GT3 Completo.  The list goes on, and on, and on.  I remember when husband and I started looking at strollers, it was very overwhelming.  First we needed the car seat and would the car seat work with the stroller we wanted?  Was there an adapter available for that stroller?  What about a bassinet? Should the stroller we pick have a bassinet attachment? How about a stand for a second child?  Should we get a double stroller knowing we’d have more than on child?  Oy.

And then there’s the clothing stores.  Some of the outfits I saw today, while being very cute no doubt, just made me wonder who we are really dressing our kid for.  Is it to show off that we have a child?  Does a baby really need a pair of hi-tops?  Does a toddler really need a fedora?  Are our children becoming our accessories?

Having said that, I did see two adorable t-shirts that I just HAD to have.  I guess that makes me no different, right?

But you have to admit those are pretty cute shirts, right?

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