EtoH, QD & PRN.

Day 11 – January Daily Blog Posting Month

I needed some inspiration today, so off to Pinterest I went and found me this little gem.

For those not in the know:

  • EtOH is ethanol, which is alcohol
  • QD is Latin (quaque die), or every day
  • PRN is Latin (pro re nata), or as needed

I may have said this before, but I do enjoy wine.  I kind of grew into my taste for wine.  I used to only drink the sweeter reds and you couldn’t get me to touch a glass of white.  Ew!  But like a fine wine, one does get  better with age and my tastes have certainly matured.  I prefer my reds on the drier side these days.  I am no wine aficionado, but I do know what I like and what I don’t like.

Over the years, my husband has also discovered his love for wine and has done extensive reading and even started his own wine blog which sadly has fallen by the wayside.  I keep telling him to get back to it, but his modular synthesizer is occupying his time these days.  Anyway, we have amassed a nice collection of wine which is being stored in a closet under the basement stairs.  I would love to have a proper wine cellar but for now the “wine closet” will have to do. There is my 40th birthday wine a 2005 Mission Hill Oculus from British Columbia.  My husband’s 40th birthday wine was a 2004 Alion.  His 40th was last year.  Sadly, my pregnancy got in the way and we didn’t open it. Perhaps we will for his 41st?

In any event, I like drinking wine and I like buying it!  Our “everyday” wine supply was suddenly depleted (I have no idea how that happened!), so the other day we went to the liquor store and stocked up.

So, I’m curious.  What do my readers drink?  Tell me about your favorites. I am always on the look out for new wines to try.

5 thoughts on “EtoH, QD & PRN.

  1. I love wine too 🙂 I am the other way around. I started out loving white wine. Hungary has great wine regions so we don’t have to go far for great wine. My favorite is the Tokaj wine region (Tokaji). I also have a greek favorite : Mavrodaphne which is a dark, almost opaque wine with a dark purple reflected color and a purple-brown transmitted color. It presents aromas and flavors of caramel, chocolate, coffee, raisins and plums.I had a post about a wine fastival:

  2. I don’t have extensive knowledge with wine, but I do enjoy trying new wines. I’m on a pretty strict budget right now (trying to save to buy a home), so my go-to bottle is wallet-friendly Mark West Pinot Noir. Nothing flashy, but it’s consistently good.

    By the way, I immediately chuckled at your pinterest choice.

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