My First 5K Tempo Run

Day 30 – January Daily Blog Posting Month

Are ya sick of my running posts?  Well, too bad, ‘cuz here comes another one.

It was a beautiful day today, the sun was shining, I was wearing my new clothes and I felt like I could go for another run.  So, once the baby was down for a nap, I suited up and off I went.

I had a route in mind and hoped I could do a solid, non-stop run with no walking intervals.  Well, not only did I run non-stop, I also ran 5 km NON-STOP!  I did it in just over 38 minutes and I feel amazing.  My Achilles tendons ache a bit but I pushed through it.  I have never run 5km non-stop.


At least I know now that I could run 5km straight in a zombie apocalypse.  But after that?  I’d probably get eaten.

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