Sunday Run.

I took a two-day rest after my first run with the cleats.  All of my lower leg muscles (the “stabilizers”) were on fire and I knew I should rest.  I few doses of Advil helped a lot and this morning I set out for my self-imposed “easy, steady 30 min run”.

As often happens, the distance/time that I intend on running is not what actually happens, for better or worse.

Today it was for the better.  It was starting to snow a little bit so I put the cleats on and set out.  After the first few minutes I knew that my legs felt stronger already; I felt steadier on the cleats this time.

Ten minutes into the run I started flirting with the idea of going longer, going further.  My route had some traffic lights, so I had to stop a few times and stretched the legs.  Thirty minutes of running turned into thirty-five, then forty.  I had a distance in mind and my legs (and lungs) seemed to tell me I could do it.  I had a little bit of soreness in both ankles and in the soleus muscles but I pushed through.

How far did I go?


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