A Little Worried.

I fear I may have overdone it with the running.

This week I did two runs, each 4km. The first was a steady run for 30 minutes and the second was mainly hills that I ran for a steady 25 minutes.

I’ve been have some discomfort in my Achilles’ tendon since the run in the snow two weeks ago. I felt it bother me near the end of the 6km run last weekend. After the first 4km run this week it was feeling good; a bit sore but not painful. A different story after the hills run. It’s been aching for two days. I have iced and taken anti-inflammatories. I’ve taken two days off running and have planned another 6km run on the weekend.

I really hope I haven’t developed tendonitis and a repetitive strain injury.

That would really suck.

8 thoughts on “A Little Worried.

  1. Take it easy! I know what it’s like to push too hard and then feel set back. You will be okay, even if you have to take a few days off. You will be better than you think when you do get back to the pavement!

  2. Sounds to me Iike you need a program. I’m completely satisfied with the program I’m doing. Although some days I feel like I’m wimping out I know that this I what I need to be doing. I’ve been running since September with no injury. I believe that a lot of that is due to the program that I’m doing. Take all the time you need to rest and try not to beat yourself up about it. You are doing amazing considering you’ve only been back at it for a short time. Remember that!

    • Thanks!!! I am kind of following a training program that some friends told me about but not one like the one you are doing. I am stubborn and just want to get out there and run you know? I don’t like being told when to speed up and slow down. Haha!

      • I hear ya! Every day I feel like I’m ‘wimping out’ with my program because I’m back to running and walking intervals but I realize I’m training to run longer distances so it’s needed. Stop being do stubborn! Lol.

      • In the last two weeks I have dropped the intervals completely and have been running steady. That may be part of the problem. I should go back to intervals.

  3. Take it easy on the old Achilles! They are a real bugger to heal if you do some real damage. I wish I’d taken a week off when mine started to hurt instead of putting myself out of action for over a month. Seriously, take care of it! Take a week out and then wear a support on it if it’s not 100%.
    That said, I’m looking forward to reading more about your training. Best of luck to you. 🙂

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