A Small Victory.

I did it.  I ran today.

And I feel great!!!

As I was having my coffee this morning, I did two sets of heel raises. I ate a good breakfast of fruit, yogurt and granola.  I went out at noon for the run.  I won’t lie, the Achilles started to ache five minutes into the run.  I had to stop at a street light and did some heel raises for about 30 seconds to engage those weak stabilizers and when the light turned green, off I went.  By the end of the 3rd interval (I was running 5s and 1s), the pain was gone and the legs felt good.

I really wanted to keep going but I promised Sarah I would keep it short, and when I got home I ended up running 3.2 km in 25 minutes.

I stretched and now I’m icing my foot.  In a few hours, I’ll do more heel raises.

I am so encouraged!!  The shins didn’t even hurt today either!!

I really want to go out again tomorrow, but I know I should rest, so reluctantly, I will.


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