If there’s one thing that constantly irritates me it’s doing laundry and discovering yet another missing sock.

Seriously, folks.  What the hell happens to socks in the laundry? I make every effort to ensure that when socks go into the washing machine, they go in as pairs. Yet, time and time again, by the time they’ve come out of the dryer, a sock (or three) is missing.

At least a few times a month, I spend about a half an hour going through the “sock pile” on the table next to the washer and dryer in order to match pairs.  It’s quite funny, actually; the satisfaction one gets when a pair is made. (That, or my life is pretty boring right now, I’m not sure which.)

Perhaps you don’t have such a sock pile?  Not sure what it looks like?  Allow me to demonstrate:


No matter what I do, I cannot seem to shrink this pile.  Today I made eight sets of socks happy.  Eight!

It’s the little things, right?

4 thoughts on “Socks.

  1. We have a sock bucket. The problem in my house is that my husband doesn’t care to match socks. He wears miss-matched socks and he puts miss-matched socks on our kids. I hate it! Doesn’t help diminish the sock pile thought!

  2. I find socks everywhere, under beds, under bookcases, most are from our 4 year old. How does he manage to get his socks off and how do they travel all the way to the back of the sofa?!

    • My daughter (5) is the same. As soon as she comes home from school, the socks are off and within minutes they are missing. I’m convinced we have a sock mouse who is eating our socks. 😉

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