Injured. Am I really a Runner now?

I most definitely have a bad case of Posterior Shin Splints, and now, the Anterior Shin Splints are making themselves known.


I had an x-ray and ultrasound of both my lower legs earlier in the week and not surprisingly, they tests were normal.  There is no obvious stress fracture, no periosteal reaction, the calf muscles looked pretty good (really good, actually) and there were no obvious tears seen.

Yet, I feel like I’m a mess.

The legs hurt more today than they did two days ago.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I started riding my bike to and from work.  I need to keep exercising, I need to keep moving.  The bike ride is 20 minutes. About 5-6 km each way. It’s a great way to start the day.

But it’s not the same as running.

I see my physiotherapist on Friday.

I have to wonder how much of this is due to “too much too soon”, worn out shoes, the fact that I am almost 8 months postpartum and still carrying 15 lbs of extra weight.  Could the effects of those pregnancy hormones (to loosen ligaments) be making my legs weaker?

Am I just grasping at straws?

Do I need new shoes?  Do I need stability shoes or shoes with more cushion? Why do they make 500 kinds of shoes? Am I overpronating or supinating?

Why can’t this be easy?

Why can’t I just run without pain?

My girlfriend who runs told me I am likely going to need 6 weeks off running.


She said I’m officially a runner now. Being injured is the badge of honor.


This sucks.

4 thoughts on “Injured. Am I really a Runner now?

  1. I know you’re going to want to punch me for this… But – Time will pass and you will get through this. You will get back on the road stronger than you are now. Biking and other training will improve your cardiovascular strength and you will come back better than you left. And, in 6 weeks, you will run without pain. I know this is hard to deal with at the moment; challenge and setback is never easy.
    (How’s that for empathy? I could have just said, “at least you don’t have a fracture…” 🙂 ((HUGS))

    • Haha! Touche´! In my head I know it’ll get better. I’m just impatient and bummed that I can’t run. I will get over this and this too shall pass.

  2. You are being one of those pain in the ass patients who want to start training for a marathon the day after surgery. Be a patient patient. So happy to hear all the tests are normal (although it can be frustrating to have no visual evidence for your misery!) xo

    • Haha!!! You are so right, except that I have not run in 5 days, so really, not so much a bad patient.

      And don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I *want* to have a stress fracture.

      I can’t wait to get into physio tomorrow. Legs are still aching. 😦

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