Calling Canadian Physician Moms!

I am re-blogging this to gain some traction.
The Cranky Giraffe is a wonderful female newly-annointed physician blogger who is looking to start a Canadian Physician Moms blog. Please visit her site if you are interested in joining us!

The Cranky Giraffe

There are some pretty amazing Medicine and Motherhood blogs out there in the blogsphere these days.  I know I have read more than my share of them and they sure are helpful, funny, and encouraging.  What I’ve noticed, however, is that most (if not all) of the blogs I’ve read are written by American mom/physicians.  While that doesn’t change how wonderful and amazing those blogs are, there are just so many differences between the way things are done in America vs. in Canada and it makes it hard to really relate.

“You didn’t take a full year maternity leave after you had your baby!?” (Insert gasps and shameful condescending looks here)

I’m sure this is something that most American mom/physicians have never heard or been criticized for, given that the standard mat leave south of the border is 12-13 weeks…

And, what about the differences in training between the two countries?…

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2 thoughts on “Calling Canadian Physician Moms!

  1. Great Blog! I am a physician mom and aspiring blogger but have stalled due to concerns re: confidentiality and whether to protect my identity (is that even possible these days). Any advice would be appreciated. Would love to join “collective”.

    • Thank you!!! You should totally start writing. I think it can be done – the anonymity part. I faltered a bit and posted photos of my kids and myself but have since removed them. Make it clear that you are not offering medical advice and change enough in relating patient encounters that any given patient wouldn’t think it was *their* story you are telling. It’s a fine line, I will admit, but I think it can be done. (I’ll let you know if I get found out.) 😉

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