Getting Closer

I have fallen into a pattern in my running over that past few weeks. After running 7.1km on June 6, I decided to try to increase my distance by 500m every 10 days. In between I would run between 4-5km with a day or two rest in between.

My legs have been feeling pretty good overall. A few minor aches but nothing a few days of rest doesn’t cure. The only new thing happening is that my legs feel super tight for the first 3-4km which makes those short runs a little bit rough. I’m not sure what’s causing it but thankfully it doesn’t prevent me from running.

On June 16, I ran 7.5km.

Today, I made a last minute decision to run home from work and asked my husband to drop off my gear. I mapped out an 8km route.

Ambitious! (I’m not entirely sure what came over me.)

And terrifying.

After 3.5km I wanted to quit. My legs were tired but I pushed through, took my walk breaks and stretched them out whenever I hit a street light. It was hot and humid but there was a nice breeze which was a welcome relief at times.

And just like that, it seems my goal of 10km is finally within reach.



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