So Close, I Can Taste It!

So, I’ve written before on my goal of running 10 km.  Remember, this isn’t straight out running, rather, I run intervals.  Last winter when I started running straight, I did too much too soon and got those nasty posterior shin splints.  So, I took it down a (huge) notch and am running 4:1 these days.  For the past month I’ve been running 3 times a week on average and increasing my distance by 500 m every 10 days or so.

This week I ran on Monday (4.77 km) and Wednesday (6 km).  Last night (Friday), I set out for 4-5 km primarily because I felt like I would do my next “long” run sometime this weekend.  Lately, I’ve been finding the first 2-3 km really tough – like I have to stop after 1.5 km to stretch out my legs.  It’s been like this for the past month and I’m still not quite sure why.  My legs feel tight, the anterior shins start burning; but after those first few kilometers, it’s as if the legs finally loosen up.  (Maybe I am destined to run longer distances??)  In any event, last night, I almost felt like quitting around2 km but then I got on the local trail near my house.  The ground was softer than the asphalt and my legs finally felt happy.  As I approached 3.5 km I realized that if I turned back for home I would have a 7 km run under my belt.  Suddenly, my thoughts drifted to 8 … then 8.5 km.  Could I do it?  The weather was perfect, the trail was pretty quiet. I decided to go for it.  On one of the 1 minute walk breaks, I texted husband that I was going longer and was about half-way.  I didn’t want to worry him.  He was prepping our steak salad dinner and putting the older kids to bed.  He had plans to go out to a club but I didn’t think he was leaving until later …

So, on I went.  I ran to the end of the trail before it splits under a major highway.  I made a U-turn and headed back, with the sun behind me.  I ate a few bugs along the way (ewww… gross!!!) and took a few snapshots of my view.  At one point, I saw a kitten on the trail, her owner just ahead of her.  I’ve never seen anyone “walking” their kitten and thought it was pretty hilarious. Never mind that I absolutely adore kittens. Of course, I had to stop to grab a photo but the little thing was not interested in posing, so the shots are blurry (and there’s some weird filter on them too, I think one of my kids was messing with my phone!).

Seeing the kitten gave me a spurt of energy that lasted a few minutes (ha ha!) but I really needed it.  By this point I was about 6 km in and was starting to feel tired.  Thankfully the scenery was beautiful.



By the time I hit the 1 hour mark, I got a text from the husband.

testApparently, he was supposed to leave at 8:30pm and he was waiting on me to get the steaks on the BBQ.


I didn’t care though. I was on such a high at that point because I looked at my phone and saw this:



Of course, husband’s comment … “Why didn’t you just go the extra kilometer and do the 10?”

Ha!  Indeed.  Why didn’t I?

Because I thought my legs were gonna fall off.

I cannot explain how stoked I was when I got home.  I’m sure the marathoners out there know.  For me, 10 km is like a marathon.

It won’t be long now.

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