High Tea.

It’s the final day of my thirties; a day to reflect on a decade that had its fair share of good times, mingled with a few bad and ugly times. But that is life, isn’t it? Life is hard sometimes. It hurts like a sonofabitch but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That has definitely been my motto these past ten years.

Yesterday my husband surprised me with a date at high tea with my daughter. It was absolutely lovely. She got all dressed up in a tartan dress and clutched her matching purse so tight her hands almost turned white.

After we were seated she presented me with a birthday card.


And then she have me a little white box that had this inside:


I joked with my husband that my Pandora bracelet needed a new charm to commemorate my birthday. He obviously took the hint.

It was an absolutely lovely afternoon, one I won’t soon forget. My daughter felt so special and so grown up. She asked that we do this every year. I can’t think of a better tradition to start.

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