A Quickie in 36 minutes.

I’m going to attempt to write a post every day during the month of November as part of NaBloPoMo. I participated last year while on maternity leave and loved it.

So here goes:

Day 1 – National Blog Posting Month.


My last run of October was a wet and cold one.  As husband was putting zombie make-up on the almost 6-year-old, I sneaked out for a quick run.  I was feeling kinda crappy all day, probably because I’d drunk too much coffee and didn’t eat enough breakfast. I did manage to have a tuna sandwich and a couple of glasses of water about an hour before I set out so that made me feel better.   Around 2.5 km I felt like turning back but I soldiered on and before I knew it, I’d run 5 km.  Even more surprising was my time and my splits.  Despite feeling tired and needing extra 30 second walk breaks during the last 2 km, I still managed a pretty decent pace and the splits weren’t horrible.

photo(3)Surprisingly, once I got home and stretched, I felt so much better!  And I love that I wanted to go out for a “quick” run and finished 5 km. I never thought I’d ever say “quick” and “5km” in the same sentence.

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