A Thousand Deaths

Day 3 – National Blog Posting Month

Doctors are not supposed to treat family members for a variety of reasons.  The main one I think is that doctors just can’t be objective when it comes to their loved ones.  I know I certainly am not objective.

Over the past few weeks, my brother had been complaining of a spot on the inside part of his left heel.  He sent me a picture and at first I thought it looked like a wart but was in a weird spot which wasn’t typical for plantar warts.  He called me on Hallowe’en and complained that he couldn’t put any weight on it at all. He sent me another picture and the more I looked at it, the more I started to worry it was something serious.  It looked like a melanoma. I know my brother thought the same thing as he’s had a friend who had melanoma (and is thankfully okay).  He joked how he was going to get his foot amputated like the old man in The Walking Dead. Husband and I looked up nodular melanoma and were worried all weekend.

This is the photo my brother sent me: photo 1

And here’s what nodular melanoma can look like:

So, you can see how I would start to get worried, right? Ugh. In the span of two days, I thought about all my brother would have to go through if it indeed was melanoma.

Anyway, he had an appointment booked today with a dermatologist who happens to work in my building, and yes, I may have asked the receptionist to move up the appointment when my brother told me  last week that it was getting worse.  He saw the dermatologist today. After scraping away at the site, he found something under the skin.

A foreign body.

A metal sliver.

photo 2

This weekend, my brother died a thousand deaths and I imagined them all.

4 thoughts on “A Thousand Deaths

  1. Sometimes knowing so much makes being the “doctor in the family” the worst. Like when your mom asks you what could be causing your grandma’s arm to shake (cue classic pill rolling tremor now…) like it has been for the last year… Not to belittle you’r brother’s melanoma scare – because that is just so much worse!

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