What’s worse than one kid being sick?
How about three? Each one on the tail of the previous. Just as the eldest turns a corner towards the healthy side of the force, her baby brother spikes a fever and her other brother’s cough takes a turn towards the dark side.


I am curled up in bed waiting for the 1/2 tab of Gravol I just took to kick in. I am beyond exhausted and still feeling the remnants from last nights’ gingerbread festivities (hence the Gravol).

If I prayed to God I would wish for an uninterrupted nights’ blissful sleepy oblivion. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

6 thoughts on “Oblivion.

  1. nope… not at all! I hope you get a good night’s sleep, despite all the sickness. (Oh, and 1/2 tab of gravol? You’re a light weight… I guess my body did develop a tolerance after my year of constant nausea)

  2. Well might be too much to ask if you kiddos are all under the age of 10 or so and very close in age. I really don’t how you cope. i quite my nursing job nearly 14 years to raise my two. I did not have the stamina to work and raise my children. Now that they are adults they cause me more worry than when they were teenagers. Oh well that is life. Perhaps soon you’ll be able to sleep well.

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