November was a pretty crappy month for running. I was sick a lot and just didn’t have the energy to run.  I only logged about 30km which is low for me.

Illness-wise December isn’t shaping up too well, the cough has returned thanks to all three of my kids having it too and I’ve only been out twice for a run so far. But to my surprise, my pace seems to have quickened.  I don’t know if it’s the several days break in between runs or what, but I am getting closer and closer to breaking the 7 min/km pace and it’s very exciting!

My first run in December was last weekend and I managed a steady 4km run (partly because I was under-dressed and cold and just wanted to get home) and my pace was pretty good.  My left knee did start to ache a little bit by the end but it was okay after a day or two (I’m pretty sure it’s the patello-femoral pain syndrome coming back so I must start doing my quad sets again!).  At the end of the run, I was thrilled to see a sub-7 min pace (just barely though!)

photo 1(1)

I mentioned in my Gingerbread post that daughter has been sick and now all the kids have the same fever and cough, so I didn’t get a chance to run at all on the weekend.  I managed a run home from the office last night and though I did need a few walk breaks because of some mild shortness of breath due to this stupid cough I’ve got, I felt like I was running faster overall.  My knee ached a bit but not nearly as much as the last run.  I checked my time and pace around 4km and realized I might be able to get a sub-35 min 5km, so I pushed and pushed and ran my ass home!

To say I was thrilled with my overall pace is an understatement — 5 km at an average pace of 6:54 min/km.

Yeah baby!  A new PB!

photo 2(1)photo 1

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