Road to A Thousand.

This weekend I had back to back 5 km runs.  It wasn’t planned at all.  I ran yesterday in -11ºC (-22ºC windchill) and had zero knee pain.  This after a particularly weird week where I had one day of excruciating anterior knee pain so bad I could barely walk which disappeared the very next day.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve had any run in the past month or two where my knee didn’t bother me.  In any event, the knee felt great yesterday and I considered a short run today as the weather warmed up to a balmy -3ºC (-7ºC windchill).  As I got going, I realized the knee was feeling pretty darn good, so I aimed for 5 km and accomplished my goal.

Two runs in a row with no knee pain.  What gives?

Honestly, I have no idea.  All I know is that it feels damn good to go for a run and not feel pain.  Haven’t experienced that in a long, long time.

photo 2(2) photo 1(2)

I accepted a challenge from another blogger to run 1000 km in 2015.  Consider I only ran 640 km last year, this is a tall, tall order.  I had set a goal for myself of 750 km.  I’ll be happy with that; but a thousand?  Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Road to A Thousand.

  1. i too dream of hitting 1000 km. i can’t even imagine those that are aiming for 2015 km or even miles!! Good luck ill be following 🙂

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