Tuesday Ten.

1. Groin injuries suck.

2. It’s hot.

3. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

4. I miss running.

5. Despite it all, I think I’m a pretty decent mom; I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and I lose my shit more than I should but my kids are alive, so there’s that.

6. Remember to breathe.

7. A drink a day keeps the crazies away.

8. Sometimes you just can’t help them.

9. Discipline is key

10. Is it time for vacation yet?

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Ten.

  1. Short, sweet (or not) and to the point! You will recover and in the meantime enjoy the heat as winter is coming! Take your kids for a walk and cherish their messes and noise as it really does fly by.

  2. I am using your concept for today’s post as it seemed like an easy quick post At least it seemed that way when you did it! I and am trying to sort out attaching your link.

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