Thoughts in Ten on Tuesday. 

Day 3 – National Blog Posting Month.

Recovering from a half-marathon is taking longer than I thought.

Why are those last 6-7 lbs so damn elusive?

Daylight savings time is stupid.

Stress leads to the dark side.

It’s flu season. No, the flu shot will not make you sick.

I dream of Halloween chocolate, which likely explains the second thought above.

I forget what it feels like to sleep in. I worry I will never be able to do it again.

Years tick by and I still wonder, what if?

I really need to start reading books again.

It’s spring in November.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts in Ten on Tuesday. 

  1. Wait until your 30k!

    Mine are the first/last 15lbs lol, so dont feel so bad!

    YES, except I got another hours sleep with D. Its elusive so i’ll take it at the expense of everyone else 🙂

    You have the force, its in your blood Leia

    Stick a needle in me, Im ready!

    Daydreaming or nightdreaming? Either way I can hook you up.

    Wanna trade kids for a night?

    I know, I often wonder too…

    I have lots you can borrow

    Shut upa you face and just enjoy it!!!

    extra credit thought… love you!!

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