The Corridor at Night.

Day 9 – National Blog Posting Month.


Last night I took my elderly father to his MRI appointment at a downtown hospital.  As the machines in my city run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it wasn’t surprising to me that his appointment was for 10pm.  Both my parents can drive but neither my brother, nor myself or my husband wanted them driving that late at night, so I decided to take him myself.

Walking through the hospital hallways at night reminded me what I loved most about my medical school and residency training.  The quiet and tranquil feeling of walking down a hospital corridor at night.  No matter what kind of day I had, or night for that matter, being allowed to roam the quiet hallways at night was always comforting for me.  It didn’t matter if I had just lost a patient or was heading to the ER for yet another consult, walking those quiet hallways was like therapy.  I honestly felt right at home.  The lights are dimmed. Patient care areas are quiet except for the occasional sounds of IV machines beeping. Cleaners are buffing the floors. I might see another resident walking in the opposite direction, sometimes a family member from the ER who had gotten lost and asked for directions back to the unit. It was a privilege to be one of the club.

For a few minutes last night, I yearned to be back in that club again.


4 thoughts on “The Corridor at Night.

  1. Agreed! The late night encounters with both patients and colleagues bonded us all in a way that just does not happen during the day. Thank you for the fond memory jog, and best wishes to you and your dad. 🙂

  2. For me it was always the ‘blackbird singing in the dead of night’ like the Beatles song. 4 am, heading back to the on call room, always having to go outdoors but it would be lit by street lamps and more often than not there would be a blackbird singing. No matter which town or which placement. The songs good too, next line ‘take these broken wings and learn to fly , all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise’

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