Day 20 – National Blog Posting Month

Those are my teeth. Aren’t they pretty?

So yeah, I went to the dentist yesterday. The last time I went I was four months pregnant with my daughter. Yes, that was 7 years ago.

Did I mention that I hate the dentist?

The last time I went I needed lots of freezing to clean my teeth. Apparently I am prone to plaque buildup and since it had been oh, about 10 years since I’d seen a dentist then, I had a lot of buildup.  Gross. I know.

Anyway, so I decided I had to get my teeth cleaned as I started having more dreams about my teeth falling out and disintegrating in my mouth. My husband teased me that I shouldn’t need freezing.  I’ve had three c-sections, I should be able to tolerate an hour of scaling right?

My brother on the other hand, needs a benzodiazepine, freezing and laughing gas to get his teeth cleaned.  We are a pair, aren’t we?

Anyway, I remember as a child going to the dentist a lot. I hated it even then. I don’t know if it was the smell of the office or the fact that I was getting fillings, it felt like, every single time I was there. The office was in a house. I remember it so clearly.  I needed braces when I was a teenager and once they were off I think was when I stopped going. I was done.

My current dentist is a woman and she is lovely. She suggested we try the cleaning without freezing to see how I do.  She used something called the cavitron. It’s a scaling tool that uses ultrasound to break up plaque, or something like that.  She started and it was actually okay.  She managed to clean a hell of a lot without an ounce of freezing.  She was very sweet and kept telling me how amazing I was doing.  There were a few spots that were super sensitive, but overall it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected and bonus for me not be frozen for hours thereafter.

Today my teeth feel weird. Like I can actually feel the grooves between my teeth weird. But I am needing some Advil because they are really, really sore.

Oh and the extra bonus?  No cavities!

Yay me!  Bring on the candy.

Er ….  😉


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