Day 8. National Blog Posting Month.


When I woke up yesterday morning, after the night from hell, I was stunned to see my driveway covered in leaves.

Fall has definitely arrived and it’s quite a lovely sight.

For weeks now we’ve been raking up leaves in the back yard.  The pear tree and lilac bushes shed their leaves fairly early in the season.  The neighbor’s oak tree in the front yard had yet to shed its leaves until a few days ago. That oak tree provides great coverage in the spring and summer but was quite the nuisance earlier this fall as it shed about a million acorns.  I’ve never seen so many acorns. Daughter collected a lot and made many crafts with them.

Anyway, looks like I’ll be spending the weekend raking oak leaves.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Day 5 – National Blog Posting Month

I have to explain this photograph.

Over the past few years husband and I have taken various photographs of the kids’ toys lying around.  They are often in areas one wouldn’t necessarily expect a toy to be and usually in a position that is reminiscent of an adult after a night of drinking.   I’ve posted photographs in the past.

Last night we found this guy near the bathroom sink.




I took this photo with my phone on the weekend.  Husband and I went to a friend’s place in the country for the night.  It was a rather cool night, cooler than it’s been in a while, so the campfire was a welcome surprise.

I always forget how mesmerizing watching a fire can be.

I love the feeling of the warm air on my legs, as I sit in front of it.

I’m always surprised how people’s voices sound distorted around a campfire.  It has something to do with how the heated air transmits sounds, right? Refraction or some such thing? Sometimes it feels like the sync is off; you hear the sound of their voice but the lips aren’t moving to match.  So weird!

JJ – The Animal Rescuer

Day 9 – January Daily Blog Posting Month

A few months ago, a good friend of ours packed up her life in the city and together with her partner moved to Costa Rica to manage the Nosara Animal rescue shelter. Before they left the country, we had them over for dinner to wish them well. I can honestly say both my husband and I were a little jealous at their freedom in life to be able to do so.

Our friend had always worked with animals. For as long as I’ve known her, she was worked in veterinary clinics as a technician and has loved animals. A few years ago she rescued a feral pregnant cat and took care of her during the pregnancy. She was there when the cat delivered her litter and actually kept the kittens that survived. She has traveled to Bali as well as Costa Rica to volunteer at animal shelters.

Two years ago, she held a wine and cheese fundraising event for the shelter in Bali. She is also a photographer and was selling her work. I bought one of her photographs and put it up in my exam room. It is a stunning photograph. It gave me a sense of calmness and peace and I felt it was perfect for patients to look at while in the exam room.  I can’t count the number of compliments I’ve received about this photograph.

She is chronicling her adventure in Costa Rica in the form of a blog and the entire reason I am writing about her today is to showcase her blog and her photography.  She plans to donate 50% of her commission to the animal rescue, I am proudly going to plug it here. If you love animals, please visit her blog and her photography website.  You can also follow her on Twitter @TravelRescuer.

Thank you!

The Journey and Adventures of Animal Rescue in Costa Rica

JJ’s Online Photography Gallery