My Brain on Internet.

One of my goals this year is to spend less time on the Internet (oh, the irony, as I write this blog) reading vacuous material and more time in the real word reading real books of substance.

My brother told me about this book over a year ago.  I avoided reading it because I think I already knew what it would tell me.

I spent the last month hardly tied to my phone which was incredibly liberating.  Of course, with the holidays and the illness rampant in my house as well as my dad’s hospitalization, there wasn’t enough time in my day to waste on surfing photos on Instagram.  Now that life has returned to some semblance of normal – the kids are back in school, my dad is home and recuperating and I am back to work – I find myself wanting to go back to old habits.  My brain wants its drug back. I really hope reading this book sets me straight.

Failure to launch

Day 28 – National Blog Posting Month

I almost forgot to write today. After the very long and emotionally draining day that was yesterday, I woke up today with a heavy heart. But life continues and I had to get the house ready for my daughter’s birthday party. 

As I was having my morning coffee,  I decided for some odd reason to upgrade the operating system on my laptop. It didn’t go well. Something went wrong and the worst thing that could happen actually happened. Blah blah blah operating system could not load … Failure. 

Oh f$&!

I took my laptop to the local Mac store and it’s in their hands now. I don’t want to think about all the documents and photos that are on that computer. They may not be recoverable. 

FML twice over. 

Radio Silence

I visited my palliative patient today.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed my phone had 10% charge left. Neither husband nor I could locate the charger so I quickly texted my receptionist and told her I would be unreachable for the morning.  I didn’t feel comfortable not having access to the office, but I knew there were other physicians working today that would cover for me if anything urgent happened.  I also told husband that I would be unreachable, so as to not worry if he texted me for any reason and I didn’t respond.   Honestly, it felt a little weird not having a usable phone.

I had planned on taking local transit to see my patient and brought along a book I’ve been reading – “The Secret Language of Doctors” – but on the seat next to me was a local news magazine so I picked that up instead, flipped to the back and started working on the Sudoku puzzle.  After a few minutes and a few numbers figured out, I got frustrated and moved on to the crossword puzzle.

Now, I’ve never actually completed a crossword puzzle.  In.My.Life.  I get one or two clues and then I get stuck.  I never felt smart enough for those things.  As my colleague told me later, I probably just didn’t think “out of the box” enough.  Well to my huge surprise, I finished the crossword puzzle on my way back to work.  I cannot begin to express the utter astonishment and the feeling of total supreme awesomeness I felt for managing that feat.  I felt like a freakin’ superstar.

A crossword puzzle.

A useless iPhone.

Note to self: Let your iPhone die every once in a while.  You might surprise yourself.