Doctor Only Me Time.

Day 12 – National Blog Posting Month.

Later today I am leaving the city for a big conference.  Getting on a jet plane, folks. Don’t know when I’ll be back again.

Just kidding…

I feel a bit weird leaving my husband and kids.  I know they’ll be fine but it’s a lot of work, three kids and a household.  Two days ago I told husband I felt guilty for leaving him with the kids.  He said not too, that I deserved a break.  I couldn’t help but think, “I need a break?! I get to go to work everyday! He needs the break!” I love him for saying it though. I know if he were in my shoes, he’d be excited to go away for a few days.  I’m sure I will be excited once I’m at the airport but right now I worry about how the grade one parent-teacher interview will go on Thursday and I worry that the baby still isn’t quite over his stomach flu because nor am I.

Last night husband made sure he knew where my life insurance policies were.  You know, just in case.  Oh God, that reminds me that I still haven’t done my will.

I really do need this conference though.  Since having the baby I haven’t really done much in the way of organized course work/self-learning.  I’ve done some online reading around patient issues but not much else.  I really need some time to focus on medicine and what’s new. I am meeting my friends from residency and we’ll be doing some guided self-learning workshops in between the conference sessions.  We’ve booked some restaurants and I pray my stomach is better.  My appetite is returning, very slowly, so I know I shouldn’t overdo it in the eating (or drinking) department.  Le sigh.

I plan on bringing my winter running clothes as the temperatures are about to drop and I’m headed a bit northeast of my current location.  I haven’t run in almost a week because of this stomach virus, so I really really hope I can get a 3-5 km run done.  I really miss it.

I have a morning clinic to work and a few errands to run before the car picks me up for the airport. I’m sure the excitement will set it in at some point but for now I just wish this stupid stomach virus would end.