I sit at a bar in a lovely restaurant downtown enjoying an Aperol Spiritz. I am alone. It’s my birthday today. 

Having been away on vacation for the past two weeks and the insanity that was work for weeks before that, it was impossible to think ahead and plan anything for today. 

Husband suggested I take the afternoon to be alone and do whatever I wanted. He would make whatever I wanted for dinner and told me to come home whenever I wanted. I took him up on it and booked a late afternoon/early evening massage and facial at a spa I have been dying to go to for a while now. 

I feel a little guilty. He told me not to. He hadn’t time either to plan anything so he said it was my day and wanted me to enjoy it. 

I plan to. 

Here’s to 41! 

Well deserved.

Day 22. National Blog Posting Month.

I ran 5 km today. First time in almost a month, I am embarrassed to say. November is pretty much going to go down as one of the worst months of running I’ve had since plagued with injuries last spring.

We had daughter’s birthday party today. She insisted on decorating her cake and she did a fantastic job.


And now I sit down to enjoy a piece of that cake with a warm cup of tea.



Today is my 39th birthday.  As my mother would say, I am closing the 39th year and starting the 40th.  Hmph.  Not sure how much I like that. But it makes sense.  By the time we turn “1”, we have lived that one year, so really, I have already lived 39 years and am about to start my 40th.


So, as I am starting my 40th year on this earth, I woke up feeling quite reflective.  In fact, I think I’ve been like this all week.  I had a heck of a time deciding what to do for my birthday.  36 weeks pregnant, tired, uncomfortable.. time to party, right?!


For the past several years, I’d started a tradition of pampering myself at the spa.  I would go with a girlfriend and we’d spend the day lounging in our robes, getting massages, pedicures and water therapies.  I was all set to do it again this year but just … didn’t.  Perhaps it’s because of how far along I am – a massage just isn’t the same if I can’t lie on my stomach, you know?  Walking around in a bath robe that barely fits across my belly wasn’t appealing either.

Then, I suggested hubby and I have a night away at a hotel but looking into booking a popular destination spot an hour away from the city, on short notice, was wishful thinking.

So, in the end, I’m spending the day with my family and friends.  I had a wonderful chance to sleep in, had my coffee in bed and a pancake breakfast.  The kids sang “happy birthday” to me all morning – it was truly wonderful.

Looking back on the last decade – wow, there have been so many changes.  I started my family practice; I bought my first home; I got married; I travelled; I gave birth to two amazing human beings; I’ve supported my family through illness; I’ve overcome illness myself; I’ve tried to support friends through difficult times, have judged when maybe I shouldn’t and I hope I’ve learned from it; I took up running for my physical and mental well-being; and I have surrounded myself with an incredible network of supportive friends whom I cherish.

So yes, it’s been an amazing decade, these 30s.  I can only hope the next decade is even better.