Fabulous and ….

This is the final week of my thirties.


I’m getting old.

Or am I?

I remember turning 30 and thinking that was a big deal.  I was a newly-minted doctor, in the first year of my residency and just a little bit terrified. Terrified of suddenly being an adult.  Working full-time, saving money for a house, trying to pay down my debt. I moved three more times before settling in my home. I paid some debt off while incurring a bit more. Yet, the decade that followed surpassed all of my wildest expectations.  I started my career, I married the love of my life, I bought a house, had three beautiful children, met some wonderful people who became my closest friends.

So, it’s a bit strange to say goodbye to that decade. When I look back on who I was at 30, while I do recognize that young woman, I have grown and experienced so much.  I am starting this new decade with much more confidence than I’ve ever had and I truly believe the best is yet to come.

The birthday celebrations have already begun. Last weekend, husband and I had a wonderful night out with one of his closest friends. We experienced a night on the town unlike any we’ve had in quite some time.  It started off with a vodka bar and ended with a ping-pong game at a local club.  Ping pong!  In between there was a fabulous dinner, lively conversation and a couple of sore feet.

food heels

You see, I rarely wear heels.  My poor little feet were aching by the end of the night and I had to take off my shoes. In the middle of downtown, I took off my shoes and walked the streets.  It was exhilarating!


I think I’m going to like 40.

On Princesses and Friendships.

Day 24. National Blog Posting Month.

Yesterday we had the Princess’s 5th birthday party.  It was a family/friends event (that means there were no school friends) and it was wonderful.

Friends of ours who had moved out east recently returned (they live an hour away now) and brought their two boys.  The kids had a wonderful time running around the house playing tag.  The Princess was showered with lovely gifts, not surprisingly, all “Princess” themed.  She received a glitter-covered box of makeup and nail polish from my best friend; her grandparents gave her an Ariel doll and suitcase; another friend brought her a Belle doll; my brother and his wife gave her a Rapunzel doll.  My house is full of princesses!!!  Even her cake followed the same theme (her dad painted the cake, which I made).


She slept with all of her new dolls last night.  This morning her fingernails and toenails have more glitter on them than I’ve ever had in my entire life.  All morning she’s been walking around in Ariel’s dress-up costume and carrying her make-up box.  As I write this she is sitting next to me putting lip gloss on me (as well as herself).

I know I’ve written about this before, but I really do have an amazing group of friends. I am so very fortunate for the people in my life and I love each of them dearly.  Since having children we have all gotten even closer and its so wonderful to see the kids growing up together and having fun with each other.

One of my closest friends from medical school texted me a few days ago saying he was going to be in town this weekend and asked if we could get together.  I see him maybe twice a year, and we are not ones to pick up the phone to talk, though we do text each other sometimes.  But when I need him, or vice versa, we are there for each other as if no time has passed.  It’s like that with my best friend as well.  Anyway, he came over near the end of the birthday party and stayed late along with my bestie while husband went to a concert.  Despite fighting a flu-like illness (I’ve body aches and a sore throat for 2 days), the three of us polished off almost two bottles of white wine and a ton of Thai food.  We talked about medicine, psychology, pharmacology,  (my bestie is a pharmacy tech), friendships, children, all manner of topics under the sun.  I could have stayed up all night talking with them but I’m not 25 anymore.  The chills set in around midnight so we had to call it a night. I fell asleep feeling fulfilled and content.

I have my friends to thank for that.



Day 22. National Blog Posting Month.

My eldest is going to be 5 years old in a few days.


Going on fifteen.

In the span of just a few months, she has suddenly developed an attitude.

Me:  “Time for bed.”

Her: “Why?”

Me: “Because I said so!”

Her: “I don’t want to.”

Me: I didn’t ask if you wanted to.”

Her: “You’re not the boss of me.”

From WebMD (The bold is mine):

4- to 5-Year-Old Development: Emotional and Social Development

Your self-centered child is now figuring out that it is not always about him or her. At this age, children are starting to understand about other people’s feelings. Your 4- to 5-year-old should be better able to work through conflicts and control his or her emotions. 

Emotional and social development milestones your child may achieve at this age include:  

  • Enjoys playing with other children and pleasing his or her friends

  • Shares and takes turns, at least most of the time

  • Understands and obeys rules; however, your 4- to 5-year-old will still be demanding and uncooperative at times

  • Being more independent

  • Still confuses make-believe with reality

  • Expresses anger verbally, rather than physically (most of the time)

Lately it seems like she’s demanding and uncooperative all.the.time. I have to ask her more than once to do a task.  She is constantly defiant, doesn’t do as she is asked/told, talks back, doesn’t ask politely for things even though she did 6 months ago… oy, the list goes on.

Yet, she is sharp as a tack, funny as hell, and it’s often very difficult to keep a straight face even when she’s in complete freak out mode (which usually only happens about an hour before bedtime so I know it’s a fatigue issue).

I’ve heard that age 5 is difficult and I’m starting to think all ages are difficult. I know that developmentally she is right on track and I do encourage her independence, I just wish there wasn’t that battle at the same time. I am imagining what she’s going to be like as a hormonal teenager and I just want to run away and hide!

Because, frankly, I remember all too clearly the drama that my teenage years wrought.  I am afraid I am ill-equipped to go through them again as a mother.  I know I have some time before this happens, but if my almost-five year old is any indication, I am going to be needing a lot more wine in my wine cellar.

Happy Birthday, my love!