Love Transcends Time

Day 9. National Blog Posting Month.

I saw Interstellar last night. I haven’t enjoyed a film like that in quite some time. Space travel in films has always fascinated and excited me. There are few films that depict space travel well. 2001: A Space Odyssey, Moon, and Apollo 13 come to mind. These film are visually stunning as well as captivating in the way their stories are told.

Last year a film called Gravity was released to rave reviews. I didn’t see it until it was released on Blu-Ray. Visually stunning, it really should have been seen on the big screen but last year I was preoccupied with nursing an infant and had other things on my mind. When I finally did see the film I was completely disappointed. I felt nothing for the characters and some of the plot holes were too large to reconcile. Even for a film nerd such as myself who can suspend her disbelief for two hours and believe giant alien robots are invading the earth, there was just something about Gravity that felt fake to me and I couldn’t get into the film.  But don’t listen to me, renowned physicist Neil De Grasse Tyson said it much better.

And then a movie like Interstellar comes along and reminds me that films can still be made that touch your soul, despite their depiction of fantastical stories and ideas. Quantum physics, wormholes, black holes, interstellar space travel, tesseracts, and the bending of space and time.   Interstellar is all of this and so much more. At its core there is a father and the love he has for his children.  It is a story of a father and the connection he has with his daughter.  It spoke to my soul as I thought about my own daughter and her father.  Anne Hathaway’s character says it all in a profound and moving speech:

“Love isn’t something we invented — it’s observable, powerful, it has to mean something… Love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.” 

Movie critics will find a lot in this film to pick apart, maybe even some of my readers will too and that’s okay.  I know what this movie meant to me and even if some of the ideas are hard to reconcile it’s okay because the emotional connection I felt with those characters will stand up to repeated viewing.