For the past few nights, our oldest son has asked not to wear a diaper at nighttime.  He will be 4 years old in April.  Husband and I haven’t really encouraged the no diaper at bedtime mostly because we don’t really want to deal with the potential mess the next morning.

Lazy, right?

You betcha!

In fact, it was his preschool teacher who told us that he was dry during the day and was using the bathroom with the other kids.  She asked that we don’t send him in pull-ups anymore.  This was about 4-5 months ago.

Anyway, last night this was my conversation with my son.

As I’m trying to get him to take off his underwear so I can put a diaper on:

Him: “No, Mommy.  No diaper.”

Me: “Yes, honey.  What if you make a pee at nighttime?

Him: “But I don’t, mommy! I don’t pee in my bed.”

Me: “Is your diaper dry when you wake up in the morning?”

Him: “Yes.”

Me: “And then you make a pee in the diaper?”

Him: “No” (His diaper is usually full in the morning, so I’m not entirely sure he understood what I was asking.) “Mommy, big boys and big girls don’t wear diapers at nighttime.  I’m a big boy now.”

How could I argue with a statement like that?

He went to the bathroom, made a big boy pee and we put him to bed in his underwear. (We also put a towel underneath him and his mattress also has a waterproof cover so in the event of an accident we’d likely be okay.)

This morning, despite the time change, everyone woke up at 7:30am.  Husband called out to son, “Did you pee in your underwear?”  The answer back, a proud “No!!”.  “Go make a pee then,” husband said.

Frankly, I was quite surprised.  I didn’t think he was ready but that little boy proved me wrong.  As a reward, I made pancakes for breakfast this morning.


Clearly I’m too busy trying to take a photo to enforce table etiquette rules.



Day 17. National Blog Posting Month.

I’d like to welcome some new followers I’ve had over the past few weeks.  Welcome!!!!  As of this evening, I have 301 of you special people.  Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog.

This once-a-day blogging is fun, but it’s a lot of work.  After being away from the office for two days, I was pretty slammed coming into work today and I am exhausted. I was just about to leave the office when I realized I hadn’t written today’s post!  oops!

I normally don’t work on Monday mornings, so husband and I took the boys to a local indoor play area and while he shopped for winter boots, I watched the kids play.  It it so much fun to watch the baby, now a toddler, chase after his big brother.  Big brother doesn’t always have the patience for his little brother but sometimes there’s a moment when big brother shows little brother something and I was able to capture the moment.  I can’t wait to see how these two will be when they are older.  Right now, daughter and middle son are quite close. Yet, even though he’s only 14 months of age, the baby is very determined to be heard and included when the older two are playing.  Once he starts talking more I don’t think anyone will get a word in edgewise.

After this photo was taken older brother got bored and moved on while the baby stayed for a few more minutes applying the new skills his brother showed him.

The first of many times to come, I think.